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Preferential and Disaster Forms 

Demonstration Home Assessment Application  
Builders can apply for preferential assessments for demonstration model homes.

Valuation of Property Used for Open Space 
This form can be used to apply for preferential open space valuation on parcels of ten acres or more. This form needs to be filed by June 30th each tax year.

Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption
This exemption is for any homestead property in which there was a rebuilt structure following a natural disaster.

Disaster Area Application For Reassessment  
This form is available for those who may have sustained structural damage to their properties due to the recent storms and flooding. Personal property (washers, dryers, keepsakes, etc…) losses cannot be included, as this is intended for damage to actual real estate that is assessable for real estate tax purposes. This form can be submitted to either your local township assessor or the Chief County Assessment Office, and must include documentation to support the application such as appraisals, contractor's estimates, or estimates by a governmental body (i.e., FEMA). If there should be actual structural damage and a reduction in assessment is warranted, the reduction will be pro-rated to the date of the Governor's proclamation.